Introduction to Quantum Information Processing

AMATH 871, C&O 681, CS 667, PHYS 767, QIC 710 (Fall 2010)
Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-4pm, RAC 2009

Ben Reichardt
breic@iqc, x38616, DC 2113 or RAC 2113

Course Outline
TA: Laura Mancinska,
Wednesday 1-2pm, MC 5136A
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Sept. 14 History of quantum computers, Classical versus quantum states and evolution, EPR paradox intro. pdf
Sept. 16 Review of qubits, Dirac notation, Measurements, Distinguishing pure states, Super-dense coding pdf
Sept. 21 EPR paradox, Unitary evolution, Quantum teleportation pdf
Sept. 23 Gates, Universality, Solovay-Kitaev Theorem, BQP pdf
Sept. 28 Early quantum query algorithms: Deutsch, Deutsch-Josza pdf
Sept. 30 Bernstein-Vazirani, Simon's problem pdf
Oct. 5 Quantum Fourier transform pdf
Oct. 7 Phase estimation, QFT mod N for arbitrary N pdf
Oct. 12 Factoring pdf
Oct. 14 Hidden subgroup problems, Density matrices pdf
Oct. 19 Density matrices, Bloch sphere, partial trace, bit commitment pdf
Oct. 21 Schmidt decomposition, Impossibility of bit commitment, Kraus representation & Stinespring dilations pdf
Oct. 26 Kraus representation theorem, POVMs pdf
Oct. 28 Distinguishing quantum states, Entanglement pdf
Nov. 2 Entropy, data compression pdf
Nov. 4 Quantum noiseless coding theorem, entanglement interconversion pdf
Nov. 9 Quantum key distribution pdf
Nov. 11 Grover's quantum algorithm for search pdf
Nov. 16 Collision algorithm, Query complexity lower bounds pdf
Nov. 18 Quantum error correction pdf
Nov. 23 CSS codes pdf
Nov. 25 QMA Completeness of 5-local Hamiltonian
Nov. 30 Computational complexity theory & physics pdf
Dec. 2 How to build a quantum computer, Fault tolerance and threshold theorems pdf