Contact & Meet Me

If you are interested in joining my group to do fun research, please send me an email. My group has opennings in postdoctoral research associates, graduate and undergraduate research assistants.

Please read the following very carefully. If an inquiry cannot follow the instruction below, it will be ignored.

Visitors/internships: due to limited funding for this, I only admit a very few number of visitors/internships -- they are recommended directly to me by their advisors or my collaborators. Thus, please ask your advisors to send me the inquiry directly. You should not contact me directly.

Directed research. I do not accept such requests. Please do not send me any inquiries.

General Instructions for other inquiries Please describe concisely your background and experience in education and research, with an emphasis on your mathematical training, programming skills (especially on large-scale computing in parallel and distributed environments), and research experiences in machine learning and related areas. Please also attach a copy of your CV in PDF format. Please also include the contact information for at least one reference (letter writer) from academia who can speak about your qualification and capability.

Graduate resarch assistantships. I am only interested in students with at least 2-semester preparation of mathematical analysis, 1-semester of linear algebra, 1-semester of matrix analysis, 1-semester in probability, 1-semester in statistics, and another two courses in applied mathematics (such as mathematical physics, engineering mathematics, complex analysis, differential equations or dynamical systems, functional analysis, etc.). Those are the minimum requirements. Please do not waste your time or mine if the above is not met. Thus, your background needs to be mathematics, physics, applied mathematics, electrical engineering/computer science with all aforementioned mathematical preparations. Please note that you will need to be also admitted to the USC Computer Science's PhD program. Please check its requirement here.

  •    office: 213-740 5924
  •    lab: n/a
  •    feisha at usc dot edu
  •    feisha dot work at gmail dot com
  •    fsha dot usc
  •    #feishaAI

At My Office

My office is in the Ronald Tutor Hall (RTH) 403.

For the courses I teach, I have fixed office hours and will annouce them separately.

For meetings for other purposes, please send an email to make an appointment.

At My Work

I have a few favoriate on-campus spots (most frequently, the courtyard in front of RTH, and the courtyard at Engineering Quad) and I sometimes work out from there.

Please feel free to stop by to say hi, especially if I am just enjoying coffee.

At My Lab

My lab is at SAL 304, 306, 308 and 311.

However, none of those is an ideal way to find me.