• Manuel de Ponte
    "Decentralized Adaptive Control for Large Scale Systems"
    Graduated July 1988
    With U.S. Airforce

  • Kostas Tsakalis
    "Adaptive Control of Time Varying Plants"
    Graduated August 1988
    Professor at Arizona State University

  • John Reed
    "Robust Adaptive Control of Robotic Manipulators"
    Graduated August 1988
    With Raytheon Co.

  • Jing Sun
    "Robust Adaptive Tuning of Controllers"
    Graduated August 1989
    Professor University of Michigan, Fellow of IEEE

  • Gang Tao
    "Model Reference Adaptive Control: Stability, Robustness and Performance Improvement"
    Graduated August 1989
    Professor at University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Fellow of IEEE

  • Anastasios Economides
    "A Unified Game-Theoretic Methodology for the Joint Load Sharing, Routing and Congestion Control Problem"
    Graduated December 1990
    Professor at University of Macedonia

  • Aniruddha Datta
    "Quantitative Analysis and Robust Design of Adaptive Control Systems: Robustness Performance Tradeoffs"
    Graduated August 1991,
    Professor at Texas A&M University , Fellow of IEEE

  • Marios Polycarpou
    "Artificial Neural Networks for Control Applications"
    Graduated September 1992
    Professor University of Cyprus
    , Fellow of IEEE

  • Farid Ahmed-Zaid
    Control and Adaptation of Time Varying Nonlinear Systems"
    Graduated summer 1993
    With Ford Motor Company

  • Michael Demetriou
    "Robust Adaptive Control for Infinite Dimensional Systems"
    Graduated summer 1993
    Professor at Worsester University

  • C.C. Chien
    "Intelligent Vehicles and Highway Systems"
    Graduated summer 1994
    Researcher at the Industrial Technology Research Institute

  • Youping Zhang
    " Robustness of Nonlinear Adaptive Control "
    Graduated summer 1996
    Takami inc

  • Humair Raza
    "Infrastructure Managed Vehicle Following: A Control Perspective"
    Graduated summer 1997
    Systems Architect
    Transparent Networks Inc
    Milpitas, CA

  • Alex Kanaris
    "Automated Highway Systems: Concepts, Spacing Requirements and Performance"
    Graduated December 2000
    Research Engineer

  • Arnab Bose
    "Design, Analysis and Evaluation of Semi-Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic"
    Graduated August, 2000
    Research Engineer
    Real Time Innovations
    Sunnyvale, CA

  • Kun Li
    "Modeling and Overlapping Decentrilized Control of a Large Segmented Telescope Test Bed"
    Graduated August, 2001
    Sr. R&D Engineer
    Nellcor Puritan Bennett, Tyco Healthcare
    (925) 463-4421

  • Chin I Liu
    "Design, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Automated Container Terminals"
    Graduated December 2001
    Senior Design Engineer
    Aplus Flash Technology
    San Jose, CA 95131

  • Haojian Xu
    "Robust Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems with Guaranteed Error Bounds"
    Graduated December 2002
    Senior Engineer
    Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc

  • Hossein Jula
    "Modeling and Dynamic Optimization of Container Movement in Metropolitan Networks"
    Graduated August 2002
    Professor University of Pensylvania

  • Baris Fidan
    "Nonlinear and Adaptive Control of Time Varying and Multivariable Systems"
    Graduated December 2002
    Research Associate
    National Australian University

       Nazli Kahveci

‘Robust Adaptive Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’

December 2007, Ford Motor Company

PhD Guidance Committee Member (not mail advisor)


  • Nicholas Oleng
    "Decentralized Adaptive Control"
    Yale University, March, 2004


  • Ahmed Mazen Wahbeh
    "Analytical and Experimental Studies in Nonlinear Structural Health Monitoring and System Identification"
    University of Southern Califormia
    Dept. of Civil Engineering
    October 2003


  • Lydie Nouveliere
    "Commandes Robustes Appliquees Au Controle Assiste D'un Vehicule A basse Vitesse"
    LIVIC, Paris, France, Dec. 5, 2002
  • Hakan Kizilocak
    "Coordinated Multi-Agent Pursuit Using Probabilistic Maps"
    Univ. of Southern Calif., Sept. 12, 2002
  • Hsing-Han Meng
    "Stability Analysis and Robust Control Synthesis with Generalized Multipliers"
    Univ. of Southern Cal.
    June 26, 2002