Most of Vega was written by Jernej Barbič, during his doctoral studies at CMU, post-doctoral research at MIT, and faculty position at USC. Other code contributors include Fun Shing Sin, Daniel Schroeder, Andy Pierce, Yuyu Xu, Yijing Li, Hongyi Xu, Yili Zhao, Bohan Wang, Danyong Zhao, Koki Nagano, Christopher Twigg and Somya Sharma. Special thanks go to the authors of the implemented papers who performed the difficult research to invent these methods. We would like to thank the United States National Science Foundation, James H. Zumberge Research and Innovation Fund at the University of Southern California, Link Foundation, Sloan Foundation, Okawa Foundation, USC Annenberg Foundation, and the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, for funding this research. Jernej would like to thank Doug L. James and Jovan Popović for advising and support during his PhD studies and post-doctoral research.

How to acknowledge


If you use Vega, we will appreciate if you acknowledge it. Please use the following citation:

     Jernej Barbič, Fun Shing Sin, Daniel Schroeder: 
     Vega FEM Library. 2012. http://www.jernejbarbic.com/vega
For your convenience, we also provide a bibtex file.

Donate Funding

If you want to donate funding, contact Jernej Barbic at jnb@usc.edu. The funds will be used for further academic research on Vega and deformable object simulation.

Funding Used

  • United States National Science Foundation (CAREER-0430528, CAREER-1055035, IIS-1422869)disclaimer
  • James H. Zumberge Research and Innovation Fund at the University of Southern California
  • Link Foundation
  • Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab