PhD Students

Milad Pooladsanj (USC ECE-Systems, Fall 2018 - present, joint with P. Ioannou)
Gary Rostomyan (USC ECE-Systems, Fall 2020 - present, joint with P. Ioannou)
Zhexian Li (USC CEE, Fall 2021 - present)


Qin Ba (PhD, USC CEE, Jan 2018): Elements of Robustness and Optimal Control for Infrastructure Networks
Current Position: Machine Learning Engineer, Apple

Mohammad Motie (PhD, USC CEE, May 2018): Novel Queueing Frameworks for Performance Analysis of Urban Traffic Systems
Current Position: Research Scientist, Lyft

Saeid Jafari (Postdoc, Fall 2016-Fall 2018)
Current Position: GNC Engineer, Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

Pouyan Hosseini (PhD, USC CEE, July 2019): Novel Tools for Analysis and Control of Traffic Flow over Signalized Networks
Current Position: Iteris

Yixian Zhu (PhD, USC ECE-Systems, Dec 2022): Information Design in Non-atomic Routing Games: Computation, Repeated Setting and Experiment

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