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Research and Information

G-7 MOU and Meshkati's Comments

Students' Research Papers: "What Have We Learned After 17 Years From TMI and 10 Years From Chernobyl Accidents: Implications for future Chernobyls"

Fall 1999 Student Project:  Causes, Health & Enivornmental Effects of Nuclear Accident in Tokaimura, Japan on September 30, 1999

Here are some other interesting and informative sites on Chernobyl and nuclear power development:

U.S. Department of Energy International Nuclear Safety Program

DOE Chernobyl Initiatives

Argonne National Laboratory's International Nuclear Safety Center

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency's "Chernobyl Ten Years -- On Radiological and Health Impact"

Chernobyl Internet Resources (maintained by Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, Japan)

Newsweek Magazine (Oct 18, 1999): "Where is the Next Chernobyl?"

CNN Presents Chernobyl: Legacy of a Meltdown (April 4, 1996)

The Uranium Institute

Chernobyl: The Accident and Progress Since 1986

Nuclear Industry WWW Sites 

Kurchatov Institute -- The Causes of the Accident

Radiation and Health Physics at the University of Michigan

Information on Chernobyl and the Surrounding Area

Ten Years of the Chernobyl Era (article by Dr. Yuri M.Shcherbak, published in the Scientific American, April 1996)


324 Chernobyl Photos (from DoE's INSP Project)

GREENPEACE's "Ten Years After Chernobyl" Photo Archive

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Manifest - Database About Chernobyl

Chernobyl: An Update (by students of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Nuclear Information World Wide Web Server

American Nuclear Society (ANS)

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Children of Chernobyl Project (Ireland)

Canadian Aid for Chernobyl (Canada)

Un Sorriso per Chernobyl (Smile for Chernobyl) (Italy)

Simulation and Control of a Nuclear Power Plant (by Henrik Eriksson, Linkoping Univeristy, Sweden)

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