Technology and Environment

USC Freshman Seminar 

Seminar Overview and Outline

Fall 1996 USC Students' Projects
Analyses and Comments on Meeting the Challenges of Population, Environment, and Resources: The Cost of Inaction (1996)

Fall 1997 USC Students' Projects and Students' Photo with Mr. James D. Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank
Indonesian forest fires: Causes and environmental consequences

Fall 1999 Student Project: Tokaimura, Japan Nuclear Accident
Causes, Health & Environmental Effects of the Nuclear Accident on September 30, 1999

Fall 2008 Student Project: USC Residential Sustainability
Technology and the Environment on November 30, 2008

Fall 2011 Student Project: Advice for Keystone XL Pipeline
"Do Your Homework before Making a Decision". Freshman Seminar, Fall 2011


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I would like to acknowledge my students' effort in developing this homepage, especially my 1996 Freshman student Mr. Amit Bhaumik