SISMatlab is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 3.0

Matlab files  —  zip file containing SISMatlab functions


SISMatlab.pdf  —  description of the spectral integration method and Matlab routines

Description of user-level functions

SISMatlab.pdf provides an in-depth description of SISMatlab features.

sisSolves.m  —  solution to a forced two-point boundary value problem (TPBVP)
sisEigs.m  —  eigenvalue decomposition of an operator that can be represented by a TPBVP
sisSvdfrs.m  —  singular value decomposition of the frequency response operator that can be represented by a TPBVP
sisHinf.m  —  \(H_\infty\) norm of a stable linear system that can be represented by a TPBVP


If you use SISMatlab in your research or teaching, please cite our paper:

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