Here are some miscellaneous links.

-Here is a you-tube video "Jesus in Beijing": [Youtube Video]
-Here are some personal thoughts on the Christian concept of the Trinity: [Trinity Thoughts]
-Here is a 2-page introduction to the Gospel of John, including different perspectives on Jesus: [Gospel of John Intro]
-Here is a link to N. T. Wright's homepage, which has some essays on what Jesus thought of himself: [N. T. Wright Homepage]
-I was a member of the MIT Graduate Christian Fellowship (InterVarsity): [MIT GCF Page]
-Here are links to some of the (fun/silly) GCF skits we wrote for the Friday large group meetings: [Christian Skits]

Cool Videos:
-Learn to dance with Bob the Builder
-Vadrum Meets Super Mario
-Vadrum Meets the Barber of Seville
-Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Judy Garland
-Somewhere Over the Rainbow, IZ
-Somebody to Love, Freddie Mercury of Queen
-Some Kind of Zombie, Audio Adrenaline
-Come Sail Away, Dennis DeYoung of Styx
-Turn Around, Glee
-Remember Then, Sha Na Na

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