Dr. Maria I. Todorovska

Research Professor  

University of Southern California
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2531

Office: Kaprielian Hall 220
Tel. (213) 740-0616; Fax. (213) 744-1426

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Mahdi Ebrahimian



GBPh.D. - 1988, University of Southern California (Civil Engineering)

GBM.Sc. - 1985, University of Southern California (Civil Engineering)

GBB.Sc. - 1982, Univ. St. Cyril & Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia (Physics)

GBM.Sc. - 1988, University of Southern California (Applied Mathematics)

GBM.Sc. - 2001, University of Southern California (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests

General: Interdisciplinary research, synthesizing knowledge from Engineering, Earth Sciences, Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences, and aiming at solving advanced problems in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.

Areas: Earthquake Engineering, Engineering Seismology, Engineering Mechanics.

Topics: Structural health monitoring; Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis; Soil-structure interaction; Specification of earthquake resistant design criteria for structures; Rotational seismology; Wavelets; Strong ground motion; Full-scale testing of structures; Seismic monitoring arrays, instrumentation, data processing and databases; Near-source tsunami modelling; Wave propagation in structures, soils and sedimentary deposits; Assessment of damage and losses from earthquakes; Passive isolation of structures;

Awards and Honors

Named among Top 20 Authors Worldwide on the Special Topic – Earthquakes for the period 1993-2003 (one of only two earthquake engineers) by the Institute of Scientific Information (

Named among Top 1% Authors Worldwide in Engineering for the period 1995-2011 by the Institute of Scientific Information

Named among “18 prominent women in civil engineering” selected worldwide as role models for aspiring female engineering students, in a paper by Yin Kiong Hoh published in the International Journal of Engineering Education, 2008).

Kapitza Gold Medal, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 2004.

Foreign Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 2004.

Fall 1986 Best Teaching Assistant Award in the Dept. of Civil Engr., Univ. of Southern California.


Some More on Thompson ISI Rankings

USC ranked among Top 5  High-Impact U.S. Universities in Civil Engineering, 1998-2002, by Institute of Scientific Information (Thompson ISI) ( ).


Recent archived presentations

Todorovska MI. “Structural models for rational design, structural health monitoring and seismic risk and loss assessment”, Earthquake Hazards Seminar, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California, 17 January, 2008.  [ mms:// ]



Selected Research Projects, Results and Publications

           GBStructural health monitoring

GBEarthquake damage detection in buildings and early warning based on wave travel times, NSF, PI: Todorovska, 08/01/08-07/31/10.

GBSee also section on Structural Health Monitoring of the research group  Selected Publication page. 

GBRotational seismology

GBLee WHK, Celebi M, Todorovska MI, Diggles MF (Eds) (2007).  Rotational Seismology and Engineering Applications: Online Proceedings for the First International Workshop, Menlo Park, California, U.S.A.—September 18 to 19, 2007, U.S. Geological Survey, Open-File Report 2007-1144. []

GBLee WHK, Celebi M, Todorovska MI, Igel H (Editors).  Introduction to the Special Issue, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA), Special Issue on Rotational Seismology and Engineering Applications (May 2009).

GBInternational Working Group on Rotational Seismology:

GBSelection of comprehensive design criteria for highway bridges in the vicinity of and crossing active faults, (METRANS; 9/06-3/08)

GBSoil-structure interaction

GBCelebi M, Todorovska MI, Okawa I, Iiba M (Eds.) (2004).  CD ROM Proc. Third UJNR Workshop on Soil-Structure Interaction, March 29-30, 2004, Menlo Park, California. []

GBOkawa I, Iiba M, Celebi M, Todorovska MI, (Eds.) (2007).  CD ROM Proc. Fourth UJNR Workshop on Soil-Structure Interaction, March 29-31, 2007, Tsukuba, Japan (in press).

GBSee section on Full-scale testing and soil-structure interaction of the research group  Selected Publication page. 

GBMethodology for probabilistic assessment of permanent ground displacement across earthquake faults for the transportation system, (METRANS; 9/03-12/04)

GBBuilding periods for use in earthquake resistant design codes - earthquake response data compilation and analysis of time and amplitude variations (USGS; 12/04-12/05; 12/02-12/03)

See also

GBLos Angeles Strong Motion Array (NSF; 5/03-5/05)

GBThird UJNR Workshop on Soil-Structure Interaction (NSF; 8/03-8/05)

GBWavelets applications to seismic response studies (NSF).

GBProcessing of 1999 Hector Mine earthquake records at USC strong motion stations (NSF).

GBRepeatability of site effects-1994 Northridge earthquake and its aftershocks (USGS)

GBProcessing of 1994 Northridge earthquake records at USC strong motion stations (USGS/NSF)

GBNorthridge Earthquake research

GBSimulation of Strong Earthquake Motion by Explosions
       Experiments at the Lyaur Testing Site in Tajikistan:  Video, Publication

Strong Motion Data Releases

GBUSGS Building data of the Northridge earthquakes of January 17, 1994,and its aftershocks.

GBML=7.0 Hector Mine earthquake of October 16, 1999 recorded at stations of the Los Angeles Strong Motion Network
GBML=6.4 Northridge earthquake of January 17, 1994, and five M>5 aftershocks.

Consulting Interests

GBAccelerogram data processing, Seismic hazard assessment, Site-specific design motions for earthquake resistant structures     

GBHas served as a consultant to government agencies, oil industry, land developers, consulting firms, and law firms on strong ground motion, seismic hazard assessment, and strong motion data processing.

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