Lab of Bioinspired Manufacturing and Mechanics



The candidates are welcome to send emails to Dr. Qiming Wang ( for more information.

Postdoc: postdoc to work on polymer chemistry for additive manufacturing. [continuously effective]   

PhD students: 2 PhD students to work on additive manufacturing and solid mechanics starting from 2020 Fall semester.  

Master/Undergrad students: master and undergraduate students to work on additive manufacturing, water treatment, and biofouling.

Current member


PI: Qiming Wang (CV, Faculy page)

Assistant Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Southern California

Office: BHE 222

Tel: 01-213-821-4715


Lab: BHE B12 (dry) and BHE 201 (wet)



Hasan Al Babaa




Ph.D. Student

Kunhao Yu

An Xin

Zhangzhengrong Feng

Kyung Hoon Lee

Master Student

Runrun Zhang

Shuoyu Wang

Bingyuan Ruan


Brian Feng, USC Undergrad (9/2016-05/2018)

Li Wang, USC Master (10/2017-05/2018)

Di Wang, USC Master (10-05/2018)

Zeyu Wang, USC Master (10-12/2017)

Michael Simpson, Undergrad from U Dayton, USC SURE program (7-8/2017).

Rebecca Chen, Undergrad, USC (2015-2017).

Tingyao Li, USC Master(2016-2017).

Zheming Gao, USC Master (2015-2017).

Yanhui Jiang, USC Master (2015-2017).

Hau Truong, Undergrad from ISU, USC SURE program (7-8/2016).

Anthony Ma, High school student, USC SHINE program (7-8/2016)

SeyedMohammad Sadati, USC Master (2016-2017).

Fuming Yang, USC Master (2016).

Yichi Zhang, USC Master (2015).

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