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^Group student. *Corresponding author. Selected news reports are listed.  


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Selected as Front Featured Article of NPG Asia Materials.
USC Viterbi
news: Broke your shoe? What if it could repair itself? by Ashleen Knutsen
USC Annenberg Media: Viterbi professor and students develop materials for self-repairing shoes, by Diamond Jones and Kaidi Yuan
USC ATVN Newscast: news on Feb 6, 2019 (Video news)
USC Daily Trojan: Scientists develop self-repairing materials, by Michael Tseng
Washington Post: A sneaker that fixes itself? It could be coming soon, by Lela nargi
NASA Tech Briefs: 3D-printed Rubber Repairs Itself, by Billy Hurley.
Materials Today: Breakthrough in 3D-printed self-healing soft materials, by Laurie Donaldson
Physics World: Broken shoes and tyres could be history thanks to new materials that repair themselves, by Alex Petkov
Market Business News: 3D printed self-repairing rubber developed by scientists, by David Jones
Design News: USC Researchers Develop 3D Printed Self-Healing Silicone Rubber, by Tracey Schelmetic
Science Daily: 3D printed tires and shoes that self-repair, by Ashleen Knutsen
EurekAlert: 3D printed tires and shoes that self-repair, by Ashleen Knutsen 3-D printed tires and shoes that self-repair, by Ashleen Knutsen
New Altlas: 3D-printed objects repair themselves after being cut in half, by Paul Ridden
TMR Research Blog: A New 3D Printed Self-Healing Rubber Material, by Rohit Bhisey
Slash Gear: New 3D printed rubber material can repair itself with no outside help, by Shane Mcglaun
Siliconrepublic: Incredible self-healing 3D-printed rubber could revolutionise manufacturing, by Colm Gorey
Engadget: Self-repairing shoes may be a reality thanks to 3D-printed rubber, by Jon Fings
Thomas Net: New 3D Printed Material Could Self-Repair Shoes, Tires, by Anna Wells
3D Printing Industry: Broken shoes? USC's self-healing 3D printer material Can help it repair itself, by Anas Essop
Engineering: 3D Print Self-Healing Rubber Into Objects that Fix Themselves, by Mahan Brown
Interesting Engineering: 3D Printed Self-Repairing Shoes and Tires Coming Soon, by Loukia Papadopoulos
Verdict: Self-healing rubber could be ※game-changing§ for soft robotics, by Lucy Ingham
Newelectronics: New kind of healing material, by Bethan Grylls
E&T Magzine: Self-repairing 3D-printed rubber material developed, by Siobhan Doyle
The Times of India: 3D-printed rubber for self-healing tires, shoes, by PTI
3D Printing: 3D Printed Rubber Automatically Repairs Itself, by Rawal Ahmed
Engineering 360: Researchers create self-healing 3D-printed material, by Marie Donlon
3D Natives: Broken Shoe? This new 3D printing material repairs itself, by Carlota V.
World Industrial Reporter: 3D Printed Ruber Material Self-Heals and Repairs Itself, by Aruna Urs

Others recreated based on the above: Uconn Today, The Free Press Journal, European Rubber Journal, Rubber World, True Median, R&D Magzine, 3ders, Nanowerk, Innovation Toronto, Devdiscourse, Dailyheralds, ScienMag, TodayChan, World News Buz, News Wise, News Beezer, Remonews, Vaaju, Tech2, Parallel State, DailyExcelsior, The Engineer, The Financial Express, Design Products&applications, ChemEurope, and Express Computer.
Reports in Chinese: Cankaoxiaoxi, cnBeta, 3Ddayin, Huanqiu, and Eastday.

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Viterbi news: 3-D printed active metamaterials for sound and vibration control.
Highlighted in NSF news: [link]
EurekAlert: 3-D printed active metamaterials for sound and vibration control
All3dp news: Researchers Develop 3D Printed Metamaterials That Can Control Vibration and Sound

ScienceDaily: 3-D printed active metamaterials for sound and vibration control
R&D Magazine: New Metamaterial block out sound
Designboom: 3D printed acoustic metamaterials can be switched on and off to block out sound
3Ders: 3D printed metamaterials can be switched on and off remotely for sound and vibration control
3D Natives: 3D printed metamaterials to control sounds and vibrations
Design News: Researchers Can Tune Acoustic Metamaterials on Demand

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Highlighted as an Inside Front Cover and advanced article.


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Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion.
Highlighted in APS Physics Focus: 3D Structure Shrinks When Heated.
Highlighted in Science:New
, star-shaped structures could mean longer lasting dental fillings and circuit boards
Viterbi news: Beating the Heat.
USC news: Can you make a material that doesn*t react to heat? USC research team thinks so, and is proving it.
MIT news: 3D-printed structures shrink when heated.
LLNL news: 3D printed metamaterial shrinks when heated.
Chinese Xinhua News: Spotlight: When materials have zero thermal expansion -- gateway to a safer future. 3-D printed metamaterial shrinks when heated

Tech Times: This 3D-Printed Material Shrinks When Heated

31. Yanhui Jiang^, Qiming Wang*, Highly-stretchable 3D-architected Mechanical Metamaterials, Scientific Reports, 6, 34147, 2016. SI. Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3, Movie 4, Movie 5, Movie 6.

Viterbi news: New material could revolutionize flexible electronics.
USC news: A world with bendable cellphones may not be that far off.
Materials science: Flexible electronic structures built using 3D printers.

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MIT news: The secret of wrinkling, folding, and creasing.
AZO materials: MIT Researchers Develop Unified Model of how Multilayer Materials Form Patterned Surfaces.
Smithsonian: The Rules of Wrinkling, From Brain Folds to Pumpkin Ridges.

26. Phanindhar Shivapooja, Qiming Wang, Daniel Rittschof, Xuanhe Zhao, and Gabriel P. L車pez, Dynamic surface deformation of silicone elastomers for management of marine biofouling: laboratory and field studies using pneumatic actuation, Biofouling, 31:3, 265-274 (2015). SI.


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Selected to win Arthur K. Doolittle Award, 2014 246th ACS National Meeting.
Selected to win MRS graduate student award, 2014 MRS fall meeting
Feature on Nature: Squid skin inspires colourful display.
MIT news: How to hide like an octopus. [MIT today's spotlight]
Washington Post:
Camouflage that changes color and texture instantly, thanks to squid skin.
The Slate: The Octopus Race.
Gizmodo: This Synthetic Material Changes Colour And Texture Like Octopus Skin.
IFLScience: Two New Materials Mimic Octopus-Like Camouflage.

24.Vrad Levering#, Qiming Wang#, Phanindhar Shivapooja, Xuanhe Zhao, and Gabriel P. L車pez, Soft Robotic Concepts in Catheter Design: an On-demand Fouling-release Urinary Catheter, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 3. 1588-1596 (2014). SI, Movie. (# equal contribution)

Duke Pratt news: Catheter Innovation Destroys Dangerous Biofilms.
MedGadget: Urinary Catheter Can Flush Itself to Prevent Biofilm Infections.
Plastics today: Duke engineers shake up catheter biofilm research.
The scientist: Next Generation: Biofilm-Busting Catheter.

23. Qiming Wang, Xuanhe Zhao, Phase Diagrams of Instabilities in Compressed Film-Substrate Systems, Journal of Applied Mechanics81, 051004 (2014).

Selected to win 2015 Journal of Applied Mechanics Award.

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Selected as shortlist for Ship Technology Global Innovation in Energy Efficiency Awards 2013.
Discovery: Twitchy Coating Shakes Off Ship Scum, Barnacles.
NBC news: Material will allow ships to shake off scum.
Duke Pratt news: Novel Materials Shake Ship Scum.
Duke Magazine: Cleaning up the scum.
MRS Materials 360: Marine Anti-Fouling Method Shakes Off the Barnacles.
Tribology & Lubrication Technology: New approach to dealing with biofilms and biofouling.
Raleigh News & Observer: Duke researchers create polymer coating to keep bacteria, barnacles at bay.
Polymer Solution: Polymer Rids Surfaces of Biofilm.
MaterialsViews: Novel Materials Knock Bacteria Away.
Science Recorder: Material &wrinkles* to allow ships to shake off scum, say researchers.

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Discovery: Top 10 Uses for the World's Strongest Material.
Duke Pratt news: Controlled Crumpling Key to Artificial Muscle.
ScienceWorld Report: Switched Crumpling of Graphene Could Lead to Nano-Muscles.
AzoNano: Graphene in Artificial Muscles.
MRS Materials 360: Reversible Crumpling of Graphene Mimics Muscle Contraction.

14. Harold S. Park, Qiming Wang, Xuanhe Zhao, Patrick A. Klein, Electromechanical Instability on Dielectric Polymer Surface: Modeling and Experiment, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 260, 40每49  (2013).


13. Qiming Wang, Zhigang Suo, Xuanhe Zhao, Bursting Drops in Solid Dielectrics Caused by High Voltages, Nature Communications, 3, 1157 (2012). SIMovie 1, Movie 2Movie 3. 

Selected as Featured Image of Nature Communications.
Duke Pratt news: Droplet Response to Electric Voltage In Solids Exposed.
Physics Today: Watching Droplets Deform in Solid.
MRS Materials 360: Deformation of Water Drop in Solid Captured on Film.

12. Qiming Wang, Mukarram Tahir, Jianfeng Zang, and Xuanhe Zhao, Dynamic Electrostatic Lithography: Multiscale On-demand Patterning on Large-Area Curved Surfaces, Advanced Materials, 24, 1947-1951 (2012). SI, Movie 1, Movie 2.

Highlighted in Advanced Materials Frontispiece.
Duke Pratt news: Process Makes Polymers Truly Plastic.
BBC Focus: Spy gloves could leave false prints.
MRS Materials 360: On-Off Patterning of Soft Polymers.
Polymer Solutions: Altering the Texture of Polymers on Demand.
The Chronicle: Researchers create method to alter polymers in plastics.
MIT Technology Review Chinese: On-demand alter plastic texture.

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Duke Pratt news: Creasing To Cratering: Voltage Breaks Down Plastic.
Polymer Solutions: Plastic Deformation Caught In Action.
Cambridge University Science Magazine
: Polymer Failure.

8. Qiming Wang, Mukarram Tahir, Lin Zhang, Xuanhe Zhao, Electro-creasing Instability in Deformed Polymers: Experiment and Theory, Soft Matter, 7, 6583 (2011). Movie

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Duke Pratt news: Restraint Improves Dielectric Performance, Lifespan.

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