Lab of Bioinspired Manufacturing and Mechanics


About us

Welcome to the Lab of Bioinspired Manufacturing and Mechanics at Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Southern California. Our research is focused on bioinpired manufacturing and mechanics of unprecedented materials and structures that can potentially address grand engineering challenges including resilient structures and clean water. We integrate experiments, theories, and computations to study cutting-edge problems in three areas: (1) mechanics of materials and structures, (2) additive manufacturing, and (3) clean water.


Candidates may send emails to Dr. Qiming Wang ( for more information.

Postdoc: postdoc to work on polymer chemistry for additive manufacturing. [continuously effective]   

PhD students: 2 PhD students to work on additive manufacturing and solid mechanics starting from 2020 Fall semester.  

Master/Undergrad students: master and undergraduate students to work on additive manufacturing, water treatment, and biofouling.

Recent research highlight

2019 NPG Asia: 3D printing of selfhealing elastomer

2019 JMPS: Lightohealing mechanics

2018 AdvMat: Magnetoactive lattice

2018 JMPS: General self-healing mechanics model

2017 JMPS: Nanonetwork selfhealing

2016 JMPS: Nanonetwork mechanics

2016 PRL: Multimaterial lattice

2016 SciRep: Elastomer lattice

2015 JMPS: Mechanochromic elastomer


2015 SciRep: Surface instability


2014 NatCom: Synthetic cephalopod skin


2014 AdvH: Fouling-free catheter


2013 AdvMater: Fouling-free hull


2012 NatCom:Electrocavitation


2012 AdvMater: Switching texture


2011 PRL: Electrocreasing to cratering


2015-2019, LBMM@USC.