Mahdi Soltanolkotabi

David and Lucile Packard Fellow
Andrew and Erna Viterbi Early Career Chair
Assistant Professor, Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science
University of Southern California


    • Robust Subspace Clustering.
      - Stanford Biostatistics Seminar, February 2014.
      - ICML Spectral Learning Workshop, June 2013.
      - Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers.
      - MURI annual meeting, Princeton, October 2012.
      - Information Theory and Applications workshop, Feb. 2013.
    • A Geometric Analysis of Subspace Clustering with Outliers.
      - Berkeley Robotics Lab, Febuary 2012.
      - High-Dimensional Phenomena in Statistics and Machine Learning Seminar, Georgia Tech., July 2012.
      - Workshop on Modern Massive Data Sets (MMDS), Stanford, July 2012.


    EE 364a: Convex Optimization, Summer 2011.


    Stanford CS:
    - CS 229: Machine Learning, Fall 2012.
    Stanford EE:
    - EE 278: Statistical Signal Processing, Summer 2010.
    Stanford Math:
    - Math 104: Linear Algebra, Winter 2012.
    Stanford Statistics:
      I am currently collaborating with Nava College Prepatory Academy a school in Compton to help improve K-12 math/STEM education. I will be posting more details about these activities including curriculum development, lecture notes, excersize/puzzles, data modules etc. on this website (please check back for updates).
      I have also partnered with VAST: Viterbi Adopt-a-School Adopt-a-Teacher (VAST) and STEM educational outreach programs at USC Viterbi School of Engineering to engage in various educational outreach activities in local middle/high schools close to USC e.g. see VAST's reporting on one such activity here and stay tunned for more updates.