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Books read 2001-2007 (not necessarily complete)

Why should anyone care what I've read? They shouldn't, of course. But since I started keeping this list in 2001, I thought I might as well put it up on my website for friends and family to read and marvel at. Or not.

Note that these books are listed in the month when I finish them. Some are read over an extended period of time. This does not include magazines, newspapers, physics articles, or books read in part. Nor did I include ``books'' which were very short, i.e., much less than 100 pages long. I did include some books which I had read before, if I reread them in their entirety.

Books read in 2001

Books read in 2002

Books read in 2003

Books read in 2004

Books read in 2005

Books read in 2006

Books read in 2007

Plays Seen (incomplete)

I didn't have the time to do very much acting for a number of years (a circumstance that has recently changed), I have always enjoyed the theater as a spectator. While living in London, Cara and I took advantage of the nearby West End to see plays nearly every weekend. Since returning to the United States, we haven't seen as many, but we still go to the theater whenever we can.

Plays in London, 1994-1996

Plays in Santa Barbara, 1996-1998

Plays in California, 2003-Present

Movies Seen 2002-2005

Movies Seen in 2002 (incomplete)

Movies Seen in 2003

Movies Seen in 2004

Movies Seen in 2005

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