Some Interesting Links

Here are some links to some of the sites on the Web that I've enjoyed visiting. I've tried to group them into some kind of logical order. I'm afraid this page is in serious need of updating!

Science Fiction Links

I've always been a fan of science fiction--without it I might very well have chosen some other (and probably more lucrative) line of work.

Here are a few links for the science fiction fans among you. (The last two sites contain literally dozens of other links.)

While I don't know that I'd class most of what's on TV as good science fiction, it can be fun. Here are some links to my favorite show, Babylon 5:

And here's a link to a site with lots of other information on Sci-Fi TV shows:

History and Historical Fiction

Another major interest of mine is in history, and in fiction with historical settings. Recently I've been particularly interested in the Napoleonic Wars and the English Regency. Here are a few sites related to them:

One of my favorite authors is Jane Austen, who wrote in the late 18th and early 19th century. Here are some sites related to her:

And anyone who hasn't been living in a cave for the past two years knows about the recent spurt of movies and BBC adaptations of Jane Austen's Works:

One of my favorite artists from this period is Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (oddly enough). Here is a web site dedicated to her and her work:


I love the theatre in all its aspects--acting, directing, writing, and just seeing plays. Here are a few links to some theatrically-related sites:

An article that combines my interest in both theatre and history is this Makeup and Cosmetics History.

One of my favorite theatrical pursuits is improvisational comedy. I still occasionally perform with my old improv group in Los Angeles, Senseless Death, of whom I was one of the original members. Here are some improv-related Web sites:


I read a great deal for pleasure, and one of the great things about the Web is how easy it is to track down books! Here are a couple of online bookshops, one in the USA and one in Great Britain:

Physics and Academic

Physics is not just my vocation, but one of my avocations as well. Here are some useful and interesting physics links:


Finally, here are a few links that caught my eye -- either because of their content, their presentation, or both.

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