In my final project, I would like to introduce my hometown, Suzhou, to the audiences. And I will show Suzhou's landmark, food, history etc.


The target audiences can be anyone who are interested in city in China, or people who want to travel to Suzhou, or just attempt to learn some knowledge. The audiences are very diverse.

Design & Style

Design Thinking:

After the rapid development, more and more people know Suzhou as a rich city; however, most of them will not pay attention to the traditional culture there. As a result, I may use this website to spread the information to more people. I will primarily use lightcyan, lightpurple and other light color as the major color of my website because I want to use these color as the background color but not to cover the text or images.

Color Pattern:

Major color will be lightblue and lightcyan

The secondary color might be lighybrown, or lightgrey to add some mysterious elements

Website that inspire my design:

  1. Wikipedia about Suzhou in general
  2. Suzhou Food
  3. Suzhou Landmark


I plan to have three pages for my website.

  1. Make a brief introduction of Suzhou and its history
  2. Talk about its famous landmarks
  3. Introduce some traadtional food in Suzhou

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