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A A. E. Abbadi J. Annoni M. Arcak
B L. Ballotta B. Bamieh T. Basar
F. Bullo
C G. V. Candler H. A. Castillo N. A. Cebasek
Y. Chen M. Chertkov M. Colombino
J. Cortes
D R. D'Andrea D. Debeljkovic D. Deka
N.K. Dhingra S. V. Dhople D. Ding
F. Dorfler A. Dwivedi
E M. Egerstedt
F M. Fardad B. F. Farrell J. M. Fowler
G D. F. Gayme T. T. Georgiou M. Grebeck
C. Grussler
H M. J. P. Hack G. Hariharan S. Hassan-Moghaddam
N. Hildebrand N. Hoda B. Hu
I P. J. Ioannou
J J. Jeun M. R. Jovanovic R. Z. Jovanovic
K S. Z. Khong S. Kumar
L D. V. Lazic B. Lesieutre B. K. Lieu
F. Lin A. Lokhov S. Low
Z. Q. Luo
M B. J. McKeon S. Meyn P. Mitra
R. Moarref H. Mohammadi A. Morozov
N J. W. Nichols
O I. K. Ozaslan
P A. Packard S. Patterson V. Purba
R W. Ran A. Rantzer M. Razaviyayn
Z. B. Ribar M. R. Ristanovic
S M. V. Salapaka S. Samuelson T. Sayadi
L. Schenato P. J. Schmid P. Seiler
S. Y. Shafi V. Shankar A. S. Sharma
P. Shrestha G. S. Sidharth M. Sinha
R. S. Smith M. Soltanolkotabi E. D. Sontag
G. Subramanian
T V. L. Thomas J. A. Tropp
V P. van Hentenryck
W Z. Wang L. Wehenkel C.-Y. Wei
X. Wei H. J. Wilson X. Wu
Y Z. Yang D. You H. Yu
J. Yuan
Z A. Zare K. Zhang X. Zhang
D. M. Zoltowski

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A Accelerated first-order algorithms Accelerated optimization algorithms Acoustics
Actuator selection Adjoint equations Adjoints
Alternating direction method of multipliers Alternating minimization algorithm Architectural constraints
Architectural issues in distributed control design Atomic force microscopy Augmented Lagrangian
B Base-flow sensitivity Biochemical networks Boundary layer flow
Boundary layer receptivity Boundary layers Byzantine mirror descent
Byzantine primal-dual optimization
C Cardinality minimization Chow-Liu tree Colored noise
Combination drug therapy Compressible flows Compression ramp flow
Computational tools for spatially distributed systems Consensus Consensus and synchronization networks
Consensus networks Constrained Markov decision processes Constrained Markov games
Constrained optimization Control Control for optimization
Control of electrohydraulic servosystems Control of turbulent flows Control of vehicular formations
Control-oriented modeling Controller architecture Controlling the onset of turbulence
Convergence rate Convex Optimization Coordinate descent algorithm
Covariance completion COVID-19 prediction Cyclic feedback systems
D Data-driven control Data-driven feedback design Decentralized control
Delayed covariance Descriptor systems Diffusively coupled systems
Direct numerical simulations Directed networks Discounted online Newton method
Distributed control Distributed optimization Distributed PI-control
Distributed resource allocation Distributed systems Distributed systems theory
Distributed temporal-difference learning Disturbance dynamics Double-wedge flow
Douglas-Rachford splitting Drag reduction Dual averaging
Dynamic mode decomposition
E Economic dispatch Elastic turbulence Energy amplification
Energy networks Euler discretization Exponential convergence
F Floquet theory Flow modeling and control Forward-backward envelope
Free-stream turbulence Function approximation Fundamental limitations
G Game-agnostic convergence Global asymptotic stability Global exponential stability
Global stability analysis Gradient descent Gradient-flow dynamics
Graphical LASSO Greedy algorithm
H H-type transition Heavy-ball method Hypersonic flows
I Incompressible fluids Independent reinforcement learning Input-output analysis
Integral quadratic constraints Inter-area oscillations Interconnected systems
Interior point method
J Jet noise
K $k$-support-norm
L Laminar streaks Large-scale and infinite dimensional systems Large-scale networks
Large-scale systems Leader selection Least-squares approximation
Linear matrix inequalities Linear quadratic regulator Localized control
Low-complexity modeling Low-rank approximation Low-rank perturbation
Lyapunov-based analysis Lyapunov-based approach Lyapunov functions
M Markov potential games Matrix approximation Matrix completion problem
Matrix completion problems Maximum likelihood Method of Lagrange multipliers
Method of multipliers Minimax optimization Mirror descent
Model-free control Monotone systems Multi-agent reinforcement learning
Multi-agent systems
N Navier-Stokes equations Nesterov's accelerated method Networks
Networks of dynamical systems Noise amplification Non-convex optimization
Non-smooth optimization Nonconvex optimization Nonnormal dynamics
Nuclear norm regularization
O Oblique waves Online learning Online mirror descent
Operator splitting Optimal control Optimal decentralized control
Optimal localized control Optimization Oscillator networks
P Parabolized Floquet equations Parabolized stability equations Parametric resonance
Peaking Performance bounds Performance of large-scale networks
Performance vs. complexity Periodic systems Perturbation analysis
Policy gradient methods Polyak-Lojasiewicz inequality Positive systems
Power networks Power systems Primal-dual algorithms
Primal-dual gradient flow dynamics Primal-dual method Primal-dual methods
Primal-dual policy optimization Proximal algorithms Proximal augmented Lagrangian
Proximal augmented Lagrangian method Proximal gradient method Proximal methods
Proximal Newton method Proximal policy optimization
Q Quasi-Newton methods
R Random search method Reaction-diffusion equations Reattachment vortices
Regularization Regularization for design Reinforcement learning
Relaminarization Riblets Robust Control
Robust statistical learning Robustness Roughness elements
S Safe exploration Safe reinforcement learning Sample complexity
Second-order moments Second order primal-dual method Semidefinite programming
Sensor-free flow control Sensor selection Shock Boundary layer interaction
Simulation-free design Singular perturbation methods Soccer
Social influence Social networks Spanwise wall oscillations
Sparse controller synthesis Sparse graphs Sparse inverse covariance estimation
Sparsity Sparsity-promoting estimation and control Sparsity-promoting optimal control
Spatially-evolving flows Spatially-invariant systems Spatially-periodic systems
Spatio-temporal frequency responses Spatio-temporal impulse responses Spectral integration method
Sponge layer Stability of nonlinear systems Stochastic matrices
Stochastic optimization Stochastically-forced Navier-Stokes equations Streamwise traveling waves
Structure identification Structured covariances Structured design
Structured feedback gains Structured optimal control Symmetric systems
T The Name of the Game: Football! Time-periodic systems Time-varying time series prediction
Topology design Topology identification Transient growth
Transient response Transition to turbulence Traveling waves
Triple momentum method Turbulence modeling Turbulent flows
U Uncertainty quantification in PDEs
V Variance amplifications Vibrational control Viscoelastic fluids
Viscoelastic instabilities
W Weakly nonlinear analysis Weakly nonlinear oscillators Wide-area control
Worst-case amplification

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